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Business Owner Planning

We specialize in helping successful business owners create financial balance and purpose, driven by their own vision of the future. Business owner planning is very different than traditional personal financial planning, and thus brings to the forefront a whole new universe of financial opportunities for affective change that can drive the business, the owner and their family to new levels of success.

We specialize in planning for the unique planning circumstances that face every business owner. It is our goal to simplify the business owner planning process to its essence empowering business owners that work with us to do what they do best, make sound and appropriate decisions to move their enterprise forward and secure themselves and their families.

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The question is WHEN? And on WHAT TERMS?

An exit plan is written for the succession or transfer of a business’ ownership and control. This plan is derived from the owner’s goals, an analysis of the available options and a thorough review of the financial consequences. Exit planning is a process, not an event. A holistic review of your wealth and goals is the first step.

The Six (6) Step Exit Planning Process

When the time comes, are you ready to exit your business?

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How dependent is your business on you?

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What keeps you up at night?

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Have you heard of the Value Gap?

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How do I tap into the wealth of my company?

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What type of business owner are you?

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